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Here’s what people are saying about Rightsizing For Seniors:


“We were extremely pleased with the services we received from Loire and Amy. Loire was so helpful and accommodating, extremely knowledgeable and professional, hardworking, efficient, and thorough. Her interior design suggestions were an unexpected and much appreciated bonus. She made our move much less stressful and much more successful.” – A & K Mauro

“Excellent job! Super workers! Way to go!!” – G. & D. Craig

“To the team who tackled a task that seemed impossible to me, BRAVO!!! With skill, hard hard work, inspiration and enormous heart, you transformed a hope into reality. Thank you one and all for sharing with our family in this unique way. I loved the results! I think my new home looks SMASHING!!!” – S. Dahl

“Thank you for all you did to make the move pleasant and manageable. We appreciate your knowledge, creativity, and hard work. You brought me new ideas and blended them nicely with our personalities and styles.” – I. & N. Severtson

“Thank you so much for your support in helping me get my cousin moved so quickly. Your gentle handling and guidance was a blessing to us both. Her apartment is beautiful thanks to all of you. She continues to settle in and is glad to have all her special things with her.” – D. Brislawn

“We are still bragging about your business to our friends. What a wonderful experience it was and how happy we are that you and your company helped us move. The highlight for the move was at days’ end when all we had to do was fall into bed. A bed that was already made for us. Nice touch. Kudos to you and to your group. We loved each and every one of your lovely ‘crew’. It went like clockwork.” – B. & M. Wisham

“You and your crew saved the day! Your crew was magnificent. The movers were the best. My mother and I were so thankful. Excellent workers and service.” – C. Duncan

“You have made my parents new home so beautiful. You and your team have delivered not simply a move but you have delivered compassion, dignity and kindness so vast that I really am having trouble expressing my deep gratefulness to all of you. Together I think we have done all we can to make this move as comfortable as we can. I am truly and deeply grateful for all you have done for my parents.” – M. Sours

“Your group is amazing!! I am overwhelmed and so grateful for your services to me. I couldn’t be happier and pleased by all your excellent planning and delivery. I will recommend your work ethics and company any time I can. You all are true professionals in every sense.” – M. McKee

“Words fail me . . . You all made what was a difficult transition bearable. Each of you, with your own personality, shared the traits of friendliness, helpfulness and a fierce work ethic! I always looked forward to having you come. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Can’t imagine where I would have been without you all!” – M. & A. Bower

“Thank you again and again for the terrific and very professional and personal assistance your ladies provided for our move to Heron’s Key. We never could have made the move without your services. We really liked working with all the ladies, and Loire as our Lead Lady and Liz as her V.P. were exceptional! We would (and have) recommended your company to everyone we know and meet.” – J. & L. Furber

“Rightsizing for Seniors did an outstanding job for me. With the help of Loire, Debbie, Mona, Laura, Jasmine and Justin, moving was not the chore I expected. It was a great team. I would like to give Loire a special thanks for she put it all together and did so in a very pleasant way. THANK YOU TEAM HAGAN!!!! – F. Hagan

“Liz was a marvel at the packing, directing the movers, and unpacking. I never could have made this move without her excellent help. Thank you and I’ll recommend you to others.” – M. Scott

“Thank you for helping us on such short notice. You were exactly what we needed and we couldn’t have done it without you. Everything arrived in Colorado intact! So glad you helped us pare down.” – C. Byerley

“Everything is so lovely. The art work is a big hit with the staff. I guess we have the best art gallery at The Weatherly. Thank you so much for what you have done for us. We can live again.” – N. Heimgartner

“THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! I don’t even want to think about how we might have accomplished this without all of you! I can’t thank all of you enough! You guys handle Chaos with grace and ease, on the outside anyhow! Having a stable functioning ruder under your guise was my lifeline!” – L. Childress

“To our workers of magic – The evening we stepped into our new home, we found furniture in place, pictures on walls, kitchen ready for action, bed made, bathrooms ready for showers (and other things) that says it all! You made it possible where we would not have been able to do it!” – L. & E. Root

“We cannot say enough to express our thanks for the help in getting ready to move.” – M. Sorrells

“I want to praise your service that I received upon moving into my cottage. Moving here from Oregon was a major task, and I felt so very overwhelmed by it. Amy & Loire were able to make my move-in a pleasure. They are terrific workers and a blessing to me.” – M. Otten

“Thank you so much for your great work with John at Normandy Park. Everything looks very cozy and wonderful! I’m so glad you were on that end.” – Jennifer Campbell, The Move Makers, Portland

“We were referred to Rightsizing for Seniors by Daystar Retirement Village to assist us in moving our mother. Terry came to the house and thoroughly discussed their services. I was truly amazed at how helpful they were in assisting us to decide what items to move and floor planned her entire apartment prior to the move. Our mom was able to bring much more of her treasures than we had anticipated making her transition so much easier.

“Not only did they take care of the boxing but they unpacked and completely set up her new apartment, including hanging pictures and drapes. When we were ready, they scheduled their crew to go back to her vacated home, set up tables, sorted the remaining items in the home and scheduled an estate sale. What didn’t sell they gave away, donated or brought to the dump.

“These ladies are fantastic. They took what was an extremely stressful and daunting experience (they had lived in the home for more than 50 years) for us and magically handled it, leaving us with more net proceeds from the sale than we expected and a house that was ready to clean and put on the market. My sister and I highly recommend Terry and Sue. Not only are they extremely knowledgeable and efficient, they are caring, professional and just plain pleasant and lovely to work with. Give them a call – you won’t be sorry!” – T. Cecchetti

“I cannot thank you enough for your excellent and detailed work with Sharon and Harvey. They are beyond thrilled and have repeatedly told us you were both absolutely fantastic! Thank you so much. It is wonderful knowing I can refer people to such caring and professional ladies.” – Caryn Hilde, Hilde Senior Services

“Thanks — you really did a terrific job. Beyond not having to deal with the added stress/work of doing the moving, I’m sure it really helped my mom to be able to walk into a room that felt very close to her old one.” – S. Phillips

“I want to tell you again that I am most grateful to you and your helpers for all of the hard work that you guys put into my move from my home in Leschi to my new home here on Queen Anne.

“After living all those years in my home, I never realized all of the stuff I had accumulated, and that now had to fit into a smaller home. Not only did you gather, box and label all of the things, you were also most helpful in helping me decide what things I really needed in simplifying my life, and transitioning to my new home.

“I would not hesitate to recommend your services to my friends. Again, thank you for making my move a pleasant experience.” – H. Golm

“I used the services of Terry this spring. She had the knowledge and talent for marketing my no-longer-needed items, aided in the decisions I needed to make, and made a process that had felt overwhelming to me, easy to do. She photographed, listed, priced and sold items on Craig’s List, and was willing to come and be available for any needed negotiation. She gave me ample access to her time to evaluate my situation, tell me what would sell, possible values, or what would probably better to just give to a charity. I was relieved that she accepted with grace, ‘On second thought,’ when I decided I wanted to keep an item. Terry was a pleasure to work with and I felt safe, trusting her to be fair and on my side in any transaction.” – J. Lund

“My company engaged the services of Terry for one of our elderly clients who had to unexpectedly move from her home of 47 years to an assisted care apartment. I cannot recommend anyone more highly. She sorted through a serious lifetime collection of ‘stuff,’ selecting what needed to be moved. She disposed of the remaining items, recovering as much value as possible. She purchased new furniture, housewares and personal items that were needed, packed all belongings, arranged for moving, and set up my client’s new apartment. She consulted with family and friends to keep them informed throughout the process. She’s dependable, efficient, patient and trustworthy, but most important, she listened to the needs of my client, who was thrilled that her new apartment had all the comforts of home.” – Brice Martin, owner Martin Properties